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YI produces and promotes a wide range of programs and services to participating organizations. These programs fall into three categories, all central to engaging and building the Jewish community



Black Sabbath: Klezmer, Blues, Blacks & Jews

The collaboration of Black and Jewish composers and performers created a rich body of American music. Examples of black artists that sang Jewish songs are: Cab Calloway, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and Johnny Mathis. The concert also features Negro Spirituals that connect to Jewish themes such as “Go Down Moses.”


Leonard Bernstein: The Man and His Music

An overview of one of the greatest American Jewish musicians of the 20th century. His life and music were deeply affected by his Jewish roots. His three major symphonies, popular songs, interfaith mass, and Broadway shows are peppered with Jewish themes and ideas addressing faith and love.



Noble Laureate (Mr. Singer & His Demons)

In this play, which incorporates Bashevis’ actual personal diary entries as well as his family memoirs and his fictional characters, we imagine what it was like for Isaac Bashevis Singer as he faced the final journey to his beloved afterlife.



Celebrating Yinglish

Renowned entertainer and Jewish cultural activist Avi Hoffman, together with his mother, retired Columbia University professor, author, journalist and playwright, Miriam Hoffman present a celebration of ‘Yinglish’ - the unique American linguistic combination of Yiddish and English. From the over 5000 Yiddish words that have officially become a part of the English language, Miriam and Avi have fun with the stories and words that celebrate the idiomatic phenomenon that laid the foundation for modern mainstream culture.


The Roots of Paula Vogel’s Indecent / Yiddish Theatre: The Foundation of Modern Culture

The aim of the lecture is to offer a comprehensive historical overview of the development of the Yiddish Theater as a social and literary expression of the Yiddish language which served as the basis for much of modern mainstream culture.

Holocaust Education and Awareness

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