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Avi Hoffman’s Too Jewish Trilogy:
Too Jewish?
Too Jewish, Too!
Still Jewish After All These Years

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In these award-winning solo musical performances, Avi Hoffman explores his Jewish roots, and has discovered that all audiences can identify with the humor and music of his upbringing. Jews and non-Jews alike join Avi on a journey through his history, relating stories of his family’s immigrant background and the culture within which he was raised. He has discovered the ‘lost treasures’ of Jewish comedy and music, the songs and comedy routines that entertained hundreds of thousands of people from the Catskills to Miami Beach, from Carnegie Hall to Yiddish Vaudeville. Avi serves as a bridge between the old world and the new as he recreates and rediscovers the wonderful music, comedy and pathos of the extraordinary period of creativity that began with the immigrants and continues till today.

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Professor Miriam Hoffman and Avi Hoffman Programs

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Joseph Papp, visionary founder of Shakespeare in the Park and the NY Shakespeare Festival/ Public Theatre, gave only one public concert in his entire illustrious career. Recounting his Brooklyn Yiddish upbringing, his controversial political struggles and his revolutionary reconceiving of the creative process, this concert encapsulates the brilliant life of the greatest American Theatre icon of the 20th century.

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Isaac Bashevis Singer has always been a very controversial figure in the world of Yiddish/Jewish literature. His embrace of the Kabbalah and the supernatural elements of his work, give an added dimension to his characters and his depictions of the sometimes sordid realities of life.

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AVI HOFFMANCEO of Yiddishkayte Initiative
CEO Avi Hoffman is a world-famous actor, who specializes in Jewish culture and Yiddish theater. His long-running “Too Jewish” trilogy has been seen by millions on PBS and in venues around the world. He has produced and presented shows
throughout North America, Europe and Israel. International Festivals include Romania, Poland, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Tel-Aviv and other European cities and countries. His connections in the theater, entertainment and film communities
are extensive. He has received a Congressional Award and was named a “Sage” by The New York Times. Both he and his mother were recently inducted into the Bronx Hall of Fame.

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