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Utilizing the performing arts, publishing, education, language, and literature, the mission of YI Love Jewish is to combat antisemitism and to celebrate and promote Jewish history, life, and culture, and their far-reaching impact on the world.


 YI Love Jewish (YI) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that celebrates and promotes Jewish history, life, and culture and their positive and far-reaching impact on the world. From performing arts, publishing, and education to language, philosophy and literature, YI offers a global clearinghouse of Jewish learning, culture and entertainment.

YI can design events responsive to the specific size, demographics, cultural interests and budget of a wide range of organizations, including Federations, JCCs, synagogues, Hadassah chapters, Hillel chapters, men’s and women’s groups, special interest clubs, youth groups, summer camp programs and educational institutions. In addition we will tailor any program to your individual needs.


Jacob solomon
“Culture is not only the product of Jewish life, but it’s also a portal into Jewish life. It connects people to community — for those of us who work in the community, it’s very exciting to see how culture touches people.”

JACOB SOLOMON, President and CEO, Jewish Federation of Greater Miami
“It’s important for the next generation of Jewish people to keep our legacy alive — through our culture, through whatever religious connotation they have. Sometimes that means just seeking out pockets of Judaism in your social life, like meeting up with friends for a Shabbat dinner, but keeping our identity strong is ultimately their responsibility.”

HANNAH BENITEZ , Writer and Performer
Rabbi Solomon Shiff
“For thousands of years Yiddish was the language of Jewish knowledge and culture…and to forget that is to forget our past and then we will lose a part of our heritage, and that would be a terrible travesty. Everything about the Jewish culture has to be absorbed and articulated and passed to the next generation.”

RABBI SOLOMON SCHIFF, Director Emeritus of Mishkan Miami and Executive VP Emeritus of the Rabbinical Association of Greater Miami

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