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Amazing Rabbinic Tales: The Shortest Tall Stories


Based on Rabbinic Literature and Jewish Folklore, these anecdotes and stories have been adapted and integrated into our American cultural mythology. These legends and fables describe wit and wisdom, evil and righteousness, breaking down established norms, unmasking foolish pride and fighting against injustice. These tales describe miracles, heroism and cowardice, and are our most treasured legacy.

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The aim of the lecture is to offer a comprehensive historical overview of the development of the Yiddish Theater as a social and literary expression of the Yiddish language which served as the basis for much of modern mainstream culture.

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This enlightening lecture presents an entertaining and educational evening introducing the depth and beauty of the great Yiddish writers.

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This enriching lecture describes the seven-year period that Professor Miriam and her son Avi Hoffman interacted and worked intimately with Joseph Papp, the most important and prominent Theatre impresario in America.
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A lecture about the Pre-War and Post-War Jewish world in Europe and the relationship between Jews and their God in Holocaust literature, as depicted in the writings of the great Yiddish playwrights, poets and writers.
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AVI HOFFMANCEO of Yiddishkayte Initiative
CEO Avi Hoffman is a world-famous actor, who specializes in Jewish culture and Yiddish theater. His long-running “Too Jewish” trilogy has been seen by millions on PBS and in venues around the world. He has produced and presented shows
throughout North America, Europe and Israel. International Festivals include Romania, Poland, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Tel-Aviv and other European cities and countries. His connections in the theater, entertainment and film communities
are extensive. He has received a Congressional Award and was named a “Sage” by The New York Times. Both he and his mother were recently inducted into the Bronx Hall of Fame.
MIRIAM HOFFMANFounder / Professor of Yiddishkayte Initiative
Professor Miriam Hoffman is a world renowned scholar of Jewish and Yiddish culture, with a 60-year academic career that includes 25 years as professor of Yiddish language and Jewish culture at Columbia University. Her 700-page “Key to Yiddish” textbook is a standard for Yiddish educators worldwide. She is an award-winning playwright, author, and columnist for The Forward, having published thousands of articles over 35 years. Her collaboration with the late Broadway impresario Joseph Papp allowed for the creation
of a Yiddish Theater bearing his name.

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