Ziegenhain Synagogue:  Ziegenhain, Germany. Built in 1835. Although sold to a Christian family before 1938, the building was desecrated by masked members of the SA and NSDAP on November 8, 1938, its remaining Torahs thrown into a moat.

Housing a mikvah, religious school, (and until 1922) an elementary school, and housing for the teacher – (who also was required to serve the community as cantor and shochet), as well as the sanctuary, Ziegenhain Synagogue was the center of the small Jewish community in the town of Ziegenhain.

A plaque now hangs on the building, placed there by the gentile population, with an inscription that roughly translates as: “This house is the former synagogue of the Jewish community of Ziegenhain. it was desecrated on November 8, 1938. Jews lived in our city since 1677 until April 1939, the time of Nazi tyranny. They were victims of disenfranchisement, expulsion and destruction. We cannot escape our history. Only remembrance creates reconciliation and peace. On behalf of the citizens. Magistrate Schwalm City, June 1995.”

(8 inches high x 8 ½ inches wide x 2 deep)