Rashi’s Synagogue: Worms, Germany. Built 1904.  The great Talmudic scholar Rashi, studied and wrote here. Burned to the ground, Kristallnact, 1938. Painstakingly reconstructed in 1961, using as many of the original stones as could be salvaged.

First constructed in 1034, Rashi’s synagogue in Worms, where  the great Talmudic scholar, Rashi, (whose commentary on the Talmud has been included in every edition of the Talmud since its first printing in the 1520s), studied and wrote, suffered alongside the Jewish people it served.

First destroyed during the First Crusade in 1096, and rebuilt in 1175 , it was again badly damaged during the pogroms of 1349 and 1615, and then again in a the fire of 1689 during the Nine Years War.

On Kristallnacht, the synagogue was once again attacked, and reduced to rubble. It was painstakingly reconstructed in 1961 using as many of the original stones as could be salvaged.

The building continues to suffer alongside its people to this day. In May 2010 the synagogue was firebombed by anti-Zionist arsonists. Thankfully no one was injured and damage to the building was minimal.

​(10 ¼ inches high x 10 inches wide x 3 ¾  deep)