Poppelsdorf Synagogue: Bonn-Poppelsdorf, Germany. Built 1902. Burned to the ground, Kristallnacht,1938. 

Jews had lived in Poppelsdorf  since 1624, with a peak Jewish population of 232 in 1850. By 1852 the community had grown large enough to establish its first synagogue. In 1902, together with the Jews of nearby villages, the community erected a beautiful new and larger synagogue, in the Moorish and Neoclassical style.

Beginning in 1932, as a result of Nazi persecution, the community declined markedly. Although the community was dissolved in 1936, the synagogue remained in use.

On Kristallnacht, rioters set the building on fire, destroying all but its outer walls. All that remains today is a memorial rock sitting on an empty lot where the synagogue once stood.

(11¼  inches high x 9 inches wide x 2 1/8 deep)