A Breed Apart: Virtual Lecture and Live Art Sale

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Live on the Yiddishkayt Initiative Facebook page.
Streaming live from Gallery 22 – Yaacov Heller
LECTURE: A Breed Apart: Reflections of a Young Refugee
Author, scholar, journalist, playwright and survivor Miriam Hoffman’s multimedia presentation of her latest book – A Breed Apart: Reflections of a Young Refugee. Together with her son, famed actor AVI Hoffman, this intellectual and emotional journey describes Hoffman’s experience as a young refugee girl growing up in a post-war DP (Displaced Person) refugee camp in Ulm, Germany, after the destruction of World War II. “A Breed Apart” is an engaging non-fiction tale of war and survival, seen through the eyes of a young Miriam and her father. The memoir chronicles her ability to triumph through a five-year sojourn in a DP camp leading to her immigration to the Bronx. Hoffman’s personal tale captures the beauty and importance of keeping the Yiddish language and culture alive during the twentieth-century, despite countless attempts to destroy it.
ART SALE: Live Art Sale from Gallery 22 – Yaacov Heller.
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