Yiddishkayt Initiative Programs and Services

YI produces and promotes a wide range of programs and services to participating organizations. These programs fall into three categories, all central to engaging and building the Jewish community.


We Create turn-key Solutions for your Jewish Cultural Events
The Yiddishkayt Initiative’s wide experience in the cultural and entertainment worlds allows us to locate, gather and package contemporary expressions of Jewish culture, in forms ranging from a single performance or exhibition to a complete Jewish festival.


Education Programming provided in association with the University of Miami’s George Feldenkreis Program in Judaic Studies and the Sue and Leonard Miller Center for Contemporary Judaic Studies.

Speakers & Curriculum
Yiddishkayt Initiative can provide Speakers, Lecturers and local educators with Jewish Cultural programs and written study guides for even the youngest ages. Guides for adults wishing to deepen their knowledge about Judaism are available as well. We’ll also offer our knowledge and insights online, in an easily accessible format, via the Yiddishkayt Initiative website.

Holocaust Awareness & Events
Yiddishkayt Initiative can connect your community to the best contemporary Jewish discussions on Jewish languages, culture, Holocaust studies, philosophy and ethics. We’ll make all the arrangements for these personal appearances, which can include book signings and question and answer session

Yiddish Classes
Yiddishkayt Initiative offers Conversational Yiddish Classes on a bi-weekly schedule for 10 weeks for up to 20 participants.

Interested in starting a class in your area? We are forming classes in the South Florida tri-county area. Contact us today to get started.



A global clearinghouse for cultural events, information and resources.

Yiddishkayt Press publishes works of contemporary and historic significance, offering subject matter and editorial assistance for individuals or organizations engaged in publishing projects.

We are prepared to provide historical and cultural materials in displays, exhibits and special presentations, utilizing the latest in multimedia technology.

Yiddishkayt Initiative can provide research and archival services as well as access to a wide variety of archived material found in university, library, community and personal collections worldwide.

For those interested in exploring their roots, Yiddishkayt Initiative can help guide the community through institutional records that enable tracing one’s origins to Eastern Europe, the Middle East or other lands.

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