HanukkahFest ’22

This 3rd annual week-long festival will feature comedy, concerts, theater performances, and lectures.

YI Love Jewish is offering numerous underwriting and sponsorship opportunities to celebrate the precious, thousand-year-old history of Jewish culture.

For more information on Sponsorship opportunities, contact Tara Weidenfeller, Executive Producing Director, at tara@whyilovejewish.org or call 888-945-6835 


YI Love Jewish (Yiddishkayt Initiative, Inc.) is a 501(C) not-for-profit organization that celebrates and promotes Jewish history, life, and culture and its positive and far-reaching impact on the world.  From performing arts, publishing and education to language, philosophy, and literature, YO offers a global clearinghouse of Jewish culture and entertainment.  We’ve evolved into an international movement now branded as YI LOVE Jewish, reaching hundreds of thousands of followers and friends through global performances, festivals and commemorations, films, books, merchandise and adult education programs, all designed to celebrate Yiddishkayt – the very Jewishness that lives in the heart of every Jew – AND share the beauty and originality of Jewish culture with the rest of the world highlighting its influence on the mainstream.


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