YI Remembers…A conversation with Rabbi Rosalie Gerut

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A conversation with One by One, Inc. founder, Rabbi Rosalie Gerut

Rabbi Rosalie Gerut is an award winning singer and songwriter, actress, recording artist and producer as well as an educational psychologist and a catalyst for personal transformation. She is also the co-founder of One by One, Inc., a non-profit organization founded by those whose lives have been deeply affected by the Holocaust. Our membership is multi-generational consisting of Holocaust survivors, and their descendants; perpetrators, bystanders, resisters and their descendants; as well as concerned individuals. Although rooted in the Holocaust, our work now extends to other polarized groups. As we listen to each other’s stories we learn that we are sensitive to many of the same issues. Together we seek to bear witness to the realities of war and genocide from our diverse perspectives and to take it upon ourselves to work for a more peaceful world.

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