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YI Love Play Readings presents a FREE virtual play reading of The Gospel According To Jerry by Richard Krevolin & Irwin Kula.

The Gospel According To Jerry- Presented by the Mandel JCC and Dr. Bruce and Lesley Zafran.

By Richard Krevolin and Irwin Kula

Jerry Silver is a divorced rabbi in a Yankees ball cap searching to fill a personal void. Nia Thompson is a reserved African American gospel choir director desperate to lose weight. Their lives intersect when Nia signs up for an overeaters’ anonymous group that Jerry is leading. A heartwarming relationship unfolds in this funny, poignant new play that takes a hard-hitting look at contemporary values, Jewish – African American relations, stereotypes, and spirituality. And in the end, Jerry and Nia discover that gospel music and classic Jewish melodies just might be the key to bridging the gap that exists between us all.

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