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Shmoozing with Avi featuring Lea Kalisch aka the “Shtreimel Girl.”

Lea Kalisch is a Swiss-born NYC-brewed polyglot actress, singer, and dancer, aka the “shtreimel girl.” She starred in multiple Yiddish productions (God of Vengeance, Awake and Sing!), and as Daphna in Bad Jews. Her most recent appearances were in the movie The Vigil and the Zoom-performance of Der Foygl fun Geto. Lea has performed her one-woman show In Love With A Dream! and various Yiddish solo concerts in NYC and Europe. She blends Yiddishkayt with Latino flavor and New York swag. Over the past year, Lea has entertained audiences with various musical programs on Zoom alongside Rabbi T. Following up her successful debut music video Eshet Chayil of Hip Hop, she will release her next music video this June, so stay tuned! leakalisch.com, IG: @leakalisch

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