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Shmoozing with Avi featuring Frannie Sherdian

Throughout her journey from TRAUMA to NIRVANA! Performer, Writer and Cookie Eater Frannie Sheridan has been entertaining and educating audiences internationally for decades.

Raised to believe that sharing the truth of her identity would get her killed, Frannie ultimately journeyed out of the dark wormhole of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) into PTJO (post traumatic joy overload).

Using performance as therapy-on-wheels, all the while collecting Mayoral Awards for her solo character shows(PBS/NPR/JLTV) https://youtu.be/CLYaaTXGRTE and the ‘Gabriel’ for a radio documentary (NPR/CBC) https://www.cbc.ca/radio/rewind/the-waltonsteins-a-family-secret-1.2801183 as well as being sought after by Hollywood luminary (Arthur Hiller LOVE STORY director) who she wrote a multicast feature film for which he attached himself to direct, Frannie ultimately triumphed where many would have failed.

She now unapologetically celebrates zany playfulness, boogie-woogie, love-intelligence and of course chocolate chip cookies during her popular live streams. Her unedited silly yet authentically intense persona inspires countless to free up whatever blocks their unique calling, so that they don’t lament what might have been. 

Frannie’s internationally acclaimed memoir CONFESSIONS OF A JEWISH SHIKSA (Traditionally Published MOSAIC PRESS) will be publicly released Oct 28/2021. You can ontact Frannie directly through her website to put you on the list for an AUTOGRAPHED HARD COPY which will be available earlier, in a few weeks,


For xfor an UN-AUTOGRAPHED hard copy or E-book go to Frannie’s publishers website which is MOSAIC PRESS – a 30% off EARLYBIRD special is available there until OCT 28TH, when the book will be publicly released.


TO CONTACT FRANNIE directly, please go through her WEBSITE CONTACT FORM: https://www.franniesheridan.com/

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