Avi Hoffman in “Joe Papp at the Ballroom”

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Avi Hoffman’s re- creation of Joe Papp at the Ballroom performance based on audio recording of Joe Papp’s 1978 concert series

In 2016, Joe Papp’s daughter Susan shared with Avi Hoffman an audio recording of her father’s 1978 concert series at a SoHo cabaret in Greenwich Village entitled “Joe Papp at the Ballroom.” I was blown away because I never knew that Joe had a flair for singing. Included in the one-man show were personal stories of his life and career interspersed with his favorite tunes of the day. “It was the only concert series that Joe had ever performed,” said Avi.

Avi’s re-creation of Joe Papp at the Ballroom performance is based on the transcript including added dialogue, quotes, and additional material from the Papp Archives. He will also be sharing personal recollections of his relationship with Papp.

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